Blockchain Connect - Ideas to Shape the Future

Welcome to Blockchain Connect – our summer 2020 instalment of roundtables, panels
and discussions exploring blockchain, digital currencies, and how these technologies
are transforming industry.

Featuring three sessions, the event gives you the opportunity to meet the ‘Blockstars’ – the industry leaders, innovators and commentators forging our digital futures. Enjoy live demonstrations, explore inspiring use cases, and discover the ideas showing the way forward with every session available on-demand.

Blockchain Connect – Be Informed. Be Inspired.

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Meet The Team - R3

What’s Hot! What Rocks!

Meet the experts from R3, the industry leaders behind Corda for an in-depth discussion of all things blockchain. What does COVID-19 mean for the technology? Is adoption being accelerated? What’s hot? What rocks? Hear David Vatchev & Yves G.A. Messy from the venture development team chat funding, mentoring and getting your idea from the whiteboard and into the market.

  • Yves G.A. Messy - Blockchain Architect Capital Markets, R3
  • David Vatchev - Venture Development Lead, EMEA
  • Mike Wilson - CEO & Founder, ditto (Moderator)

Meet The Author: Haydn Jones

From Central Banker To Tech Evangelist

Join financial markets’ veteran Andrew Reid for his ‘Meet The Author’ conversation with blockchain evangelist Haydn Jones, author of The Executive Guide to Blockchain, and leading commentator on the industry. Find out why the book is an essential read for all leaders and discover the fascinating stories Haydn uncovered while writing it.

  • Haydn Jones - Founder & Director of Blockchain Hub
  • Andrew Reid - Strategic Advisor, Delega (Moderator)

In Action: Bitt

Paving The Way For A New Way To Pay

Enjoy an ‘In Action’ session with Bitt – the firm that’s transforming central bank payments with CBDC. Meet founder Oliver Gale, CEO Brian Popelka, and Genelle Lake, Information Security Analyst at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, as they take us through an exclusive live demo of the technology and explain how they’re empowering central banks and organisations using blockchain for payments.

  • Oliver Gale - Founder, Bitt
  • Brian Popelka - CEO, Bitt
  • Genelle Lake - East Caribbean Central Bank
  • Jeremy Boles - Blockchain Lead, ditto (Moderator)

Highlights from Blockchain Connect March 2020

Blockchain Connect - March 2020

Welcome to our Blockchain Connect Dublin showcase – a day of talks, demos and networking with the industry’s leading innovators. The event was hosted on 5th March at Dogpatch labs, in the heart of Dublin’s tech innovation district – attendees could visit physically or tune in online across the event.

Learn how blockchain is transforming industry, with live discussions featuring real products. Listen to our expert webinars focussing on ‘Smart Cities: The facts of IoT and blockchain’, the future of DLT in financial services ‘Dawn of the Digital Capital Markets’ and actionable steps for entrepreneurs with ‘Let’s Get Started: Meet the Investors’.

David Dalton, Global Co-Lead, Deloitte Blockchain Lab, delivered an inspiring closing address followed by a community meet-up with beer and pizza.

Blockchain Connect – Be Informed. Be Inspired.


Smart Cities

This webinar includes a panel of industry experts from across the market, discussing how firms are preparing to capture the opportunities of Smart Cities. Learn about the real-life applications of Blockchain & IoT technology, what products and services are leading the way, and where is the smart money being invested.

Dawn of the DigitalCapital Markets

This webinar assesses the capital markets on the cusp of a digital revolution and separates the fact from the fiction of crypto and digital assets. The panel discuss the current state of play, implications for industry and society, with a round up of future predictions. Find out why capital markets are now embracing digital assets and what is driving the change, how to access and leverage derivatives with tokenization and what the financial system will look like with increased asset classes.

Let’s Get Started:Meet the investors

Hear insight and actionable steps for budding entrepreneurs to be successful, from what to do when you have a great idea, to who can help and how. The panel also discuss latest market news post-Davos and post-brexit – discovering what the year ahead holds for blockchain and digital assets, as well as where the smart money is being invested through innovative products and services in this exciting tech space.


Smart Cities / Smart Citizens

‘Smart Cities & Smart Citizens’ roundtable discussion, lead by Gareth Mee, CEO, Invenica, how our smart cities of the future will evolve in industries such as telcos and transport. We heard discussions around both personal and digital identity, government regulation and compliance. The engaging talk also covered how IoT , introbility of data security.

Read the article to find out more

New Digital Economies

‘New Digital Economies’ roundtable discussion, lead by Richard Crook – Director at LAB577, explores the rise of the digital bank, tokenization and how digital assets provide alternative access to capital. The talk also covered traceability and security through blockchain, visibility and trust between parties and r3 corda network as the financial markets operating system.

Read the article to find out more

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