Blockchain Connect - March 2020

Welcome to our Blockchain Connect Dublin showcase – a day of talks, demos and networking with the industry’s leading innovators. The event was hosted on 5th March at Dogpatch labs, in the heart of Dublin’s tech innovation district – attendees could visit physically or tune in online across the event.

Learn how blockchain is transforming industry, with live discussions featuring real products. Listen to our expert webinars focussing on ‘Smart Cities: The facts of IoT and blockchain’, the future of DLT in financial services ‘Dawn of the Digital Capital Markets’ and actionable steps for entrepreneurs with ‘Let’s Get Started: Meet the Investors’.

David Dalton, Global Co-Lead, Deloitte Blockchain Lab, delivered an inspiring closing address followed by a community meet-up with beer and pizza.

Blockchain Connect – Be Informed. Be Inspired.


Smart Cities

This webinar includes a panel of industry experts from across the market, discussing how firms are preparing to capture the opportunities of Smart Cities. Learn about the real-life applications of Blockchain & IoT technology, what products and services are leading the way, and where is the smart money being invested.

Dawn of the DigitalCapital Markets

This webinar assesses the capital markets on the cusp of a digital revolution and separates the fact from the fiction of crypto and digital assets. The panel discuss the current state of play, implications for industry and society, with a round up of future predictions. Find out why capital markets are now embracing digital assets and what is driving the change, how to access and leverage derivatives with tokenization and what the financial system will look like with increased asset classes.

Let’s Get Started:Meet the investors

Hear insight and actionable steps for budding entrepreneurs to be successful, from what to do when you have a great idea, to who can help and how. The panel also discuss latest market news post-Davos and post-brexit – discovering what the year ahead holds for blockchain and digital assets, as well as where the smart money is being invested through innovative products and services in this exciting tech space.


Smart Cities / Smart Citizens

‘Smart Cities & Smart Citizens’ roundtable discussion, lead by Gareth Mee, CEO, Invenica, how our smart cities of the future will evolve in industries such as telcos and transport. We heard discussions around both personal and digital identity, government regulation and compliance. The engaging talk also covered how IoT , introbility of data security.

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New Digital Economies

‘New Digital Economies’ roundtable discussion, lead by Richard Crook – Director at LAB577, explores the rise of the digital bank, tokenization and how digital assets provide alternative access to capital. The talk also covered traceability and security through blockchain, visibility and trust between parties and r3 corda network as the financial markets operating system.

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Highlights from CordaCon 2019

Ahead of Blockchain Connect Dublin, here are some facts, stats, highlights & insights from R3’s hugely successful CordaCon 2019 London conference in October. We are thrilled that a lot of the panelists can join us in Dublin.

'The Download'- Telco Podcast

In this episode we are joined by R3 Business Development Director & Telecom Lead Thomas Spencer who shares how firms are using corda and blockchain as a digital enabler to drive new revenue streams. We hear Jorge Bento, CTO of Enterprise IOT at Vodafone discuss DLT, 5G and the emergence of smart cities, buildings and intelligent networks. To close Gareth Mee, CEO at Invenica identifies the key drivers of adoption of DLT, the use cases that are real and scaling, and the top trends as we head towards 2020, into a new decade.

Thomas Spencer

Jorge Bento

Gareth Mee

'The Download'- Digital Assets Podcast

In this episode we are joined by Fred Dalibard, Head of Digital CIB & Global Blockchain Coordinator at Natixis who shares with us the benefits of using blockchain for identification and KYC when moving digital assets. Fred is also Chair of R3’s Board. We then catch-up with Oli von Landsberg-Sadie, CEO & Founder of prime broker BCB who explains how businesses can benefit from seamless cross border payments with DASL – The Digital Assets Shared Ledger, and to close we hear from Richard Crook, Former Head of Emerging Tech at RBS, who co-founded LAB577 the creators of DASL – he talks about advantages of building on Corda network.

Richard Crook

Frédéric Dalibard

Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie

‘The Download’- Out & About Podcast

‘The Download’ Out & About Podcast features views, thoughts, the fun and the buzz captured across the conference with our roving reporter Joseph. Hear from the Industry Director for Financial Services at Atos and how they are adopting DLT, Worldpay’s new open banking team reveal the transformation of payments across ledgers, the Director of INDUSTRIA shares with us the exciting projects the firm have been working on globally, Deloitte’s blockchain lab manager stresses the importance of KYC, and to close a Fellow at University of Cambridge Centre of Alternative Finance talks us through his recent findings from across sectors and industries.