The design team here at ditto have put together a bite-size work from home guide with 8 nifty tips on how to become a ‘work from home wizard’ – from creating routine, reinvesting your time to staying connected, we hope you find this practical mini-manual useful.


It can be disruptive when we are forced to work from home – the transition from office life to working in a domestic setting can initially be tricky. However, when teams are tooled with the correct tech and know-how, there are some clear benefits to being able to work remotely from our homes.

Top Tip 1 – Routine

Create a daily routine and itinerary that ensures you make time for yourself, work, leisure and exercise – you’ll be surprised at just how productive you can be in your own living room.

Top Tip 2 – Reinvest your time

Make sure you make the most of those extra hours in your day saved by not having to commute. Learn a new skill, try out morning yoga or get outside in the garden for short screen breaks.

Top Tip 3 – Dedicate your space

Staying in the same spot all day can be tough on your productivity. Take extra steps to separate your working and leisure environments – mix up the lighting, find a good playlist, change your space with a scented candle.

Top Tip 4 – Connect with People

Working alone when you’re used to the office buzz can be hard. To stay connected, join slack groups, have regular check-ins with team mates and turn your video on too – face-time is invaluable.

Top Tip 5 – Leave your phone alone

If you don’t need it for work, don’t let your handheld device get in the way of productivity. Leave it in the kitchen, assign a blocking app or limit social media access – would you really scroll all day on mobile in the office?

Top Tip 6 – Power Hour

It’s easy to procrastinate when you’re stuck working from the comfort of your own home. Combat this by setting aside 1 hour to nail out all those important little tasks and get them ticked off!

Top Tip 7 – Don’t get Distracted

If you feel like your mind is seriously distracted then take a short break to reset. Set yourself micro-deadlines to help make sure you get things done throughout the day.

Top Tip 8 – Keep hydrated!

You may not have a water cooler in your house to drink from or socialise around… but you should have a tap! Fill up a big bottle and keep it at your desk – remember you should be drinking at least 2 litres of water a day!

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