Join us on March 31st 9 am EST / 2 pm BST for the Low-Code Download as we showcase how the genesis low-code platform is transforming financial markets IT delivery. 

Learn from this month’s special guests from XP & Brazilian Development Bank, discussing the impact of low-code technology, the hugely successful XP IPO last year, and the business and technology innovation driving Brazil into the 21st Century.

With experts dialling in from London, Rio De Janeiro, Miami and New York, this is our most global expo yet! 

We are joined by Lourenço Tigre, Strategic Advisor to the CEO of the Brazilian Development back to discuss innovation and low-code adoption. Caio Azevedo, Head of XP US and Rodolfo Bastos, Partner at XP, sit down with Genesis COO Felipe Oliveira to discuss how low-code technology has enabled XP to transform from broker-dealer to platform marketplace, and their journey from start-up to Brazil’s largest IPO.

And our colleague Marina Matos, Senior Project Manager, will take us under the hood of the Genesis LCAP with a live application demo.

Given the global focus of this show, the interviews will be a mix of both Portuguese and English, with subtitles to make the content accessible to everyone. 

Don’t miss out on learning how financial markets experts are using low-code technology to revolutionise IT delivery.