Campfire returns with a new live show on Thursday 25th March – and we’re thrilled to be hosting a special on The Blitz with Rusty Egan.

We are thrilled to be hosting Rusty Egan – the celebrated musician, producer and club promoter at the heart of the UK music scene for three decades. We’ll showcase two videos including Rusty’s new single When We Were Young and talk about his forthcoming documentary BLITZED – covering the New Romantic movement from its origins in London in 1979 to present day devotees.

Rusty’s new album, ‘The Soundtrack’ will be released on March 12th. The new single: Rusty Egan Presents Catwalk (Around the World) with additional remixes, will follow on March 19th.

Tune in to catch Rusty sharing his insights on his amazing life and career in the UK music scene.

BLITZED documentary will be broadcast 13th March 2021 at 2100 GMT on Sky Arts.

Join us for what’s set to be an amazing show. It’s live, online and free.