In the busy world of digital marketing, ditto’s definition of success for our clients is cutting through the noise and getting their voices heard. We are always looking for unique, innovative, and above all, engaging ways to garner interaction from their potential clients. 

With the pandemic, sales teams are strapped to their seats, leaning on their marketing teams to help generate and nurture leads. Therefore, social media marketing is more important than ever. For platforms such as LinkedIn there is constant competition, and questions raised around should I use paid promotion for this advert, is this a good use of time, what type of banner should I design?

With LinkedIn the adverts that are performing the best, in terms of organic impressions, have been videos. Since January 2021 we have looked to new ways of incorporating more videos into our LinkedIn campaigns. For our client Baton Systems we have created a LinkedIn post which comes alive- capturing audience engagement with organic impressions being up by 8%!  As well, this has led to an increase in followers of the client’s LinkedIn customer page, and organic views on their other content.. 

Here are a few more pointers on how you can help increase visibility and engagement within your LinkedIn Post:

  1. Clear call to action 
  2. Post a short simple opening, with a paragraph space so the post has a headline 
  3. Posting easy to understand sentences and shortening down your paragraphs
  4. Bold clear campaigns – write something that resonates with your audience
  5. Tone is important make sure you are not being overly opinionated but also adding value to your audiences

If you have any questions about social media marketing best practice or how we create rich video and animation, contact Hayley McCarthy, Account Campaign Manager –