Long-term client FSL, the market leading provider of investment tax solutions, has re-engaged ditto on a multi-stream project across our Editorial, Design and Digital teams.

We will be bringing three new FSL offerings to market: their Offshore Reporting Funds website, a single point of access to accurate data on these complex investment vehicles; their Data Analysis team, who provide primary research into niche markets; and their Testing Service, which leverages a new strategic partnership with Acutest to deliver objective acceptance testing for every deployment of FSL technology into client infrastructure.

ditto-developed messaging for each offering will be adapted across landing pages, downloadable factsheets and a targeted EDM campaign: distributed to investment tax professionals, with copy tailored to their specific business needs. Each EDM will encourage them to click through to a dedicated landing page, containing web messaging, factsheet collateral and a registration mechanic.

Each EDM release will be carefully measured and then refined to optimise performance. This, combined with traffic and user behaviour analytics from each page, will ensure that FSL have complete visibility into the campaign’s performance.

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