Preview content from the upcoming Low-Code / No-Code Festival in June. From the Citibank and Genesis consortia project to solving industry challenges like modernizing legacy IT, there’s something for everyone.

Ahead of the 2-day festival in June, Genesis has released a preview of some of the tooling, demos and insights from Financial Markets experts joining the ‘Now You Can’ festival for Financial Markets. Learn how Low/no-code technology is transforming IT delivery. Watch the preview for a discussion of how Genesis’s platform is solving key industry challenges, ranging from legacy technology integration, to new e-platforms, solving End-User Computing (EUC) estates or building new industry applications.

Genesis will also demo a number of low-code applications to illustrate how genesis is solving key industry challenges, whether it’s modernising legacy technology stacks, building new e-platforms, or partnering with other vendors to deliver automation.

Watch the preview and register for Now You Can on June 29th & 30th below.