At ditto we’re so productive, we’re introducing a weekly update to share our exciting work and activity. ditto focuses on delivery and we’re expanding our team and our workflow. The team decided to do something we rarely do: self-promote. Mike Wilson, CEO and founder of ditto is now giving a weekly whistlestop tour of our finished client products, our cultural division – Campfire and our important charity partner work.

Last week’s work includes ditto’s production team creating two videos interviewing corporate leaders from tier 1 finance houses like Citi and ING plus we’re supporting the vital work of charity War Child – with a single released by our house band, Silver Moon.

Mike shares how ditto is helping Irish start-ups and firms scaling up.  We’re also busy creating events for your diary such as Genesis’ Expo, Baton’s Pay21 and future Campfires.

View last week’s weekly update showcasing our work with clients like Privitar, Genesis, Baton Systems and Legerity.