Blockchain is essentially a set of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) that have been programmed to record and track any valuable information.

Blockchain applications are used across industry, from payment transactions in financial services, tracking patient records in the medical profession to asset ownership in the supply chain. We are now seeing DLT rapidly expanding throughout the telecom industry, creating new breakthroughs and disrupting the sector.

Finding new value

A challenge that Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) telecom corporations face is staying ahead of the market whilst trying to reduce costs and keep their services affordable for consumers. Blockchain is offering an innovative solution to combat these issues.

CSP’s are now able to retain historical records from the user with the ability to ensure those records cannot be tampered with. Being able to hold users historical records without any possibility of tampering with those records makes it possible to monitor the different aspects of user accounts. This allows for the possibility to manage different areas of the users’ accounts.


Blockchain is providing low expenditure for cheap payments which are allowing telco companies to provide micro-payments that would usually be used to purchase OTT Services such as online games, music and video streaming. As a result of deploying this service, no bank account details, credit card info, or any other sensitive or crucial data will be required by third party applications.

By harnessing blockchain applications in the telecom industry, an even higher level of security will be ensured for consumers.

Smart Contracts 

Blockchain applications being explored by the telecom industry include automation of many internal operations using smart contracts; including applications such as billing systems, roaming, and supply chain management. Using the likes of smart contracts saves businesses money and time and reduces the possibility of fraud. Using an automated billing system allows processes such as auditing and accounting to become far more cost-effective.

Blockchain also has the potential to bring new product and service offerings to the Telecom industry with CSP’s exploring the creation of new blockchain-based service bundles allowing for the introduction of new revenue streams.

Digital ID Verification 

As we know blockchain allows for a reliable and invincible level of security; digital ID verification is known to be one of the most valuable applications within the telco industry. Identity verification will become even more important in the future of telcos as companies start to deploy the blockchain technology in all of the financial aspects of its consumer’s needs. Currently identity verification technologies are costing companies billions every year. Start-ups are now developing much cheaper and more secure identity verification systems based on blockchain technology.

Currently identity verification technologies are costing companies billions every year.
Source: ITProPortal

Online Advertising 

Telcos house data from millions of users and by implementing blockchain technology applications it will enable telcos to utilise this infinite source of data in the online advertising industry. Online advertising is widely inefficient which makes it the perfect environment for telecom companies to step in and use blockchain applications to offer a better marketplace for both advertisers and users alike. Using blockchain technology, advertisers can have a better reach of leads plus users can decide how and when their data and information is shared in the advertising market.


If we look back to how blockchain started as just a concept back in 1990s, it indicated promise to provide a reliable way of notary and contract drafting. This technology is now providing an unrivalled source of truth and trust on a level that no other technology was able to reach before.

The idea of having a record-keeping and tracking method that is immune to manipulation or hacking makes the application of blockchain limitless in every market that requires security. It’s an exciting time for telcos working with this tech in the new decade and beyond.


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