Campfire presents ‘Big Boost Mondays’ with Rodney Orpheus –
The rise of the technopagan

Big Boost Mondays is a gathering of the like-minded on the first Monday of the month, to enjoy an evening with inspirational speakers and “doers” from the world of technology, art and culture. The event will take place at our brilliant FORA studio in Clerkenwell, London.

Our complimentary alcohol-free bar is a great place to catch up with friends and make new ones too, and provides a great space for creative networking.

In this campfire talk, we were joined by Rodney Orpheus, synth musician, author, music tech evangelist and spiritual creative.

Rodney believes when you use a computer, you’re using your imagination to manipulate the computer’s reality. It’s sorcery, changing the plastic quality of nature on a nuts-and-bolts level. “Magickal techniques that date back hundreds of years are totally valid in a cyberpunk age.”

With a career spanning four decades, starting with his creation of The Cassandra Complex band in 1980, he has worked with many of the leading companies in the music technology industry, most notably with Steinberg and DTS. Rodney is also a published author and writes a regular monthly column for Computer Music magazine. He has lectured internationally at universities and business events – a true synth afficionado.

Campfire // Rodney Orpheus Podcast

Rodney discusses his upbringing in native Northern Ireland during the civil rights conflict, the secret behind his eccentric name and how three chords enabled him to start his eccentric synth music journey with a punk attitude. Rodney also chats about how he became the tech evangelist for Steinberg, as he helped to create the worlds first ‘Virtual Studio’, making synthesised music accessible, condensing huge mixing desks into computer programs.

Rodney Orpheus

Mike Wilson

Campfire presents 'Big Boost Mondays' with Rodney Orpheus

Our February Big Boost Mondays event gathered together an eclectic audience of Rodney Orpheus fans, synth musicians and technologists –
a brilliant talk for electronic music lovers!

Rodney, a true music tech evangelist, shared his engaging and hilarious anecdotes including his pioneering work with the world’s first virtual studio, his fascination with spirituality and how he was initiated by a voudou priest in New York City.

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