A few weeks ago, in March 2020, the International Accounting Standards Board decided a further deferral of the IFRS17 accounting rules, that will now be effective of the date 1st January 2023. With almost three years to prepare for these changes, firms will need to ensure their teams are enabled to thoroughly explain business performance as measured under IFRS17.

ditto client Legerity are hosting an upcoming webinar ‘IFRS17: Reporting and KPIs – The Impact on Performance Measurement’ to help firms to understand the most critical KPIs, what is the impact and what are the drivers of the IFRS17 delay.

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KPIs, Drivers and Impact

IFRS17 will bring wholesale change to the KPIs and management reporting packs used to value your business. Though the new standard doesn’t go live until 2023, management teams, boards, analysts and investors will want to know well in advance what the most critical KPIs will look like, what is the impact and what are the drivers.


“Going forward, firms will need to ensure teams are enabled to thoroughly explain the business performance as measured under IFRS17.”
Mike Richardson – Account & Campaign Manager at Legerity


Find out how

The upcoming webinar will discuss the types of reports and KPIs that will be required under IFRS17 and the supporting data sets that you will need. Find out what Insurance firms will need in terms of presenting high-level metrics down to accessing the lowest level of detail to explain and validate the results.



The session will include a live IFRS17 demonstration and as well as covering:

  • Essential KPIs and metrics
  • Financial statements & disclosures
  • Walks and reconciliation
  • Data visualisation
  • Data lineage and drill down

About Legerity

Legerity are the specialists in IFRS accounting change. Their FastPost Accounting Rules Engine allows the rapid adoption of new accounting standards and digital finance transformation with minimum disruption.

For more information on IFRS17 or the InsurTech industry, contact Legerity Account Manager, Mike Richardson or follow them on LinkedIn or Twitter.