Disrupt & Advance Webinar - Talent Strategies Driving Digital Transformation

Listen to Joy Macknight of The Banker, Barry Mulcahy of Ulster Bank, and Jim Cassidy from our hosts Code Institute, discussing the talent strategies that are driving digital transformation, Moderated by Mike Wilson – CEO & Founder of ditto.

Joy Macknight

Barry Mulcahy

Jim Cassidy

Mike Wilson

Digital transformation isn’t a choice for industry, it’s a necessity. And for financial institutions the biggest blocker is finding the right talent to make this transformation happen. How can banks compete with young and agile fintechs, let alone big digital firms like Amazon and Google, as a race to hire the right people intensifies? Is everybody missing a trick? So we’re joined by a panel today who are dedicated to breaking down these barriers to enable businesses to thrive with a rich mix of employees and a diverse workforce. With a multitude of skills, cultures and educational backgrounds. We look at how some financial institutions are winning with varied teams, how tech upskilling is vital for the future and initiatives are broadening participation in tech careers right now.

Internal Mobility: Talent Solutions for Digital Transformation

Reskilling the workforce to become relevant in the 'Age of Software' is a necessary and overdue response to the demands of digital transformation. Read the paper to learn how automation is changing the nature of work and the advantages of retraining, upskiling and redeploying employees traditional HR strategies.

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