Disrupt & Advance – Accessing the opportunities of digital

Welcome to ‘Disrupt & Advance’ in collaboration with Deloitte – a leading global consultancy, and Enterprise Ireland – an organisation developing Irish enterprises in world markets.

‘Disrupt & Advance’ is all about challenging the status quo and breaking down barriers to drive diversity throughout careers in technology. On November 12th, a range of disruptive firms gathered in London for a podcast show and evening event to showcase how tech can bring people together with a multitude of skills, cultures and educational backgrounds – to thrive together in this digital world.

With Padraic Geraghty, Senior Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland, and Ed Greig, Chief Disruptor at Deloitte who opened the event.

With Shilpa Shah, Programme Director for Delivery & Large Scale Implementations and Women in Tech Leader, and Nia Wyland Senior Product Manager at Deloitte discussing role models and women tech partnerships.

With Jim Cassidy CEO Code Institute, Stephen Murphy CEO at Genesis Global Technology, Hugo Valente Tech Product Owner at Statful sharing how to discover careers in tech through accessibility and innovation, social impact of technology and narrowing the skills gap to progress.

Check out the podcast and event below – and if you would like to learn more about ‘Disrupt & Advance’ or any of the firms involved please get in touch any time.

The Download // Disrupt & Advance // Accessing the Opportunities of Tech Podcast

This discussion centred around how workforces thrive and innovate through a diverse mix of people, with unique backgrounds and experiences – to shape a future of shared success. Shilpa Shah, Jim Cassidy, Stephen Murphy, Hugo Valente and Padraic Geraghty talked tech upskilling in the age of digital transformation, empowerment of the modern “Citizen” Developer and how firms are winning with diversity.

Shilpa Shah

Jim Cassidy

Stephen Murphy

Hugo Valente

Padraic Geraghty

Disrupt & Advance - Accessing the Opportunities of Digital Event

With an opening address from Ed Greig, Chief Disruptor at Deloitte, Shilpa Shah and Nia Wyland discussed the Women Who Code and Code First: Girls initiatives at Deloitte, raising the number of women in tech careers and how better diversity means better outcomes for all.

With Jim Cassidy, CEO – Code Institute, Stephen Murphy, CEO – Genesis Global Technology, Hugo Valente, Tech Product Owner – Statful gave presentations with taster demos and videos into how their firms are dedicated to a diverse world of tech.

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Next Generation of Tech Talent

Nia Wyland, Senior Product Manager shares how Deloitte are building the next generation of Female tech talent with CodeFirst: Girls and Women Who Code.
Discover Deloitte

Upskilling the Future

Jim Cassidy, CEO at Code Institute shares the importance of upskilling a new generation to be ready for tech careers in an increasingly digital world.
Upskill with us

The Modern “Citizen” Developer

Stephen Murphy CEO at Genesis Global Technology shares how careers in tech are accessible to everyone, no matter background or skillset – its all about having the right mindset.
Make IT Happen

Tech Providing Opportunity

Hugo Valente Tech Product Owner at Statful identifies how every business is different and so are its employees – diverse applications need a diverse range of skills to build them.
See the world your way