White papers aren’t something to simply throw in at the back of your dossier. When utilised properly White Papers can be transformed into a powerful marketing tool.

“A well written White Paper offers you much more than a content filler, it gives your brand the opportunity to educate and inform your audience, establish your brand as a bench marker in the industry and generate those important leads.”


White Papers shouldn’t be full of unexplained technical jargon, they exist to educate and inform the reader about complex topics they may not understand, along with the products or services you offer. The ability to accurately communicate a complex topic to the reader in a precise and coherent manner will give you a head start against competitors and allow you to gain respect as a trusted source of information.

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Industry Leader

This gives your brand the chance to offer unique industry insight by publishing a White Paper that is a reliable source of information. You can showcase your own exclusive insight and content, along with the opportunity to highlight your product or service at the forefront of the sector. You can also share general industry activities meaning that your business becomes a hub for what is current in the Industry.

Lead generation

When utilised properly, the distribution of a White Paper can generate leads for your business. For the reader to receive your valuable insight and research, they must first enter their details to be able to obtain or download your document. In most cases, the best way to for the reader to receive your White Paper is an online download after they have submitted their details into a short form.

Identifying market space

Although a White Paper gives insight into a product or service it can also be used as a prominent way to establish your current place in the market or even redefine a place in the market. Promoting your business’ USP is a strong way to organically identify your place in the market and instantly gives you an edge over competitors.

Digital Dynamism

Not just a way to produce static print content, producing a digital White Paper means you can showcase your dynamic business by including engaging graphs, video clips and links to websites. The inclusion of web links to your products or services also increases your target market engagement and website visitation stats. Creating a dynamic and stimulating White Paper offers the audience a more immersive experience that they will want to talk about, encouraging the ‘halo effect’, leading to word of mouth promotion.

On Wednesday 10th April ditto shines a Spotlight On… White Papers. Register your interest here.

To conclude, writing a White Paper gives you an excellent chance to showcase your business as a reliable source to understand complex processes, product offering and services, valuable industry insight, opportunity to generate those all-important leads, identify your own place in the market and show your brand dynamism.