The Chinese capital markets are highly restrictive for foreign investors, with unique workflow requirements to meet regulations. Low-Code offers an agile solution to meet the ever-changing access schemes, unlocking competition for foreign investors.

Regulatory Change as a Service provider, ChinaFICC, has capitalized on the Genesis Low-Code Application Platform’s unique benefits to solve the cost, risk, regulatory and workflow issues surrounding international investor access to the Chinese financial markets. Due to Low-Code’s inherent agility, their ‘Trade Workflow Solution’ is able to Validate the ‘fair and reasonable’ use of the Chinese Domestic currency, RMB, generating the necessary transaction reports for regulators,

Given China’s strict rules which create unorthodox workflows, control and reporting considerations, foreign ownership is below 4%, despite the fact that the Chinese Bond Market passed RMB 97trn ($14trn) in June 2020.

Several ‘Access’ schemes have been created to manage international investment, iteratively liberalising access to foreign participants over time. Nonetheless, access is subject to strict rules which create unorthodox workflows, control and reporting considerations (many of which will adapt and change), adding cost and risk to the investment process.

Join Genesis & ChinaFICC CEO and Co-Founder Peter Best on April 28th 9am EST / 2pm BST to learn more about their Trade Execution Platform and how low-code technology enables agility in financial markets.