April’s Campfire headed south to the Mediterranean to meet Mark Broadbent and his guests: Dawn Hindle, Ryan O’Gorman and Andy Watson, in a gloriously sunny Ibiza.

As residents, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, DJ’s and party organisers their stories intertwine to chart the constantly shifting faces, fashions and fortunes of the island from the early 90’s to the present day. The show featured clips of Mark chatting to his guests around the island and live segments hosted by ditto’s Mike Wilson introducing a new Campfire format.

Mark’s own story is reflected with his choice of guests, each lured by the lifestyle, the music and the freedoms that Ibiza had to offer. Looking beyond the music and the parties they have found time to lay down roots, forge lifelong friendships and make the island a permanent place to call their home.

‘You never knew what you were going to get but you knew it was going to be good’

Having swapped Manchester for Ibiza in 1994 Dawn’s journey has taken her from hosting the legendary Manumission nights, onto the hugely successful Ibiza Rocks live events and now as owner of the once infamous Pikes Hotel. Sharing her memories of how Manumission became the afterhours destination for the summer workers once the clubs and bars had closed and how her friendship with Mark (as well as the other guests) had started there, alongside stories of the DJ’s and bands that played during this truly magical era of Ibizan nightlife history. With her latest venture at Pikes, Dawn balances retaining a colourful history while offering guests a 21st century experience of the island as an oasis of decadent calm.

 ‘Any of the really famous parties in Ibiza all started as after parties’

Ryan O’Gorman left Ireland for the Ibiza mid-noughties and rapidly began promoting and playing at the after parties & free parties that became an essential element of the underground scene away from the super clubs.  Reflecting on his love of the energy of the warehouse/squat scene he had left behind in Ireland, Ryan describes a bohemian, vibrant era that is sadly no more. Citing the politicisation, regulation and commercialisation of the club scene over the past few years, coupled with the closure of islands venues for the past year, Ryan shares his thoughts on where the scene will go once the island opens up again.

 ‘On the radio it is easier to play what you want’

Mark’s final guest, Andy Wilson, had been busy travelling the world before finally settling in Ibiza. Talking us through his musical career from his involvement in the band ‘The Passage’ in Manchester, experiencing Space in the late 80’s, though to the creation of Ibiza Sonica Radio to focus on the broad spectrum of his musical tastes outside the confines of a DJ. Andy’s commitment to radio on the island is clear, in the regulated world of airwave licences, far beyond the makeshift nature of pirate radio he explains how Ibiza Sonica came to be, giving a permanent home to the music that has come to represent the island and how the constant stream of DJ talent working throughout the season embraced the station to help make it the success it has become.

‘Take the roofs of the clubs’

In a Q&A that inevitably asked the group about the Ibizan legendary past, perhaps the most illuminating questions covered Ibiza future. With the authorities proposing the possibility of a reset to the island’s party reputation and with questions still surrounding health and travel restrictions, the direction life will take on the island is far from certain. Mark, Dawn, Ryan and Andy all understand this having been part of the conversation over the past year, collectively their weekender days may be over but their passion that Ibiza does not lose the party spark remains as bright as ever.