Low-code application development platforms enable firms who would typically purchase “ready- made” IT solutions, to create their own applications, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional IT builds.

During their monthly tech showcase, ‘The Upload’, with ING last February, genesis explored the ‘Low-Code Advantage’ and how LCAP’s are enabling firms to take full control of their IT ecosystem, without the cost previously associated with creating your own bespoke applications and tools.

“What is also unique about Genesis is how we work with our clients who can buy “ready-made” applications, partner with us to build applications, or directly purchase the platform to create the applications on their own.” – James Harrison, CTO & Co-founder, Genesis.

The Genesis library of industry applications is growing very rapidly (as it should because we build these applications using low-code), and have highlighted several of them in previous Expo broadcasts, but you will find a complete and up-to-date list here.

James Harrison also shared how revamping their web presentation layer in the platform has allowed them to be framework agnostic. When it came to web development, Genesis clients and prospects tended to fall into one of three camps of competing JavaScript frameworks, React, Angular and Vue, with clients clearly having their favorites. So by adopting web components for their frontend, they can work with all clients regardless of framework preferences.

Learn more about the genesis platform at our upcoming tech showcase on April 28th, 9am EST / 2pm BST.