Legerity Limited went LIVE on LinkedIn yesterday for ‘Meet the IFRS17 Experts’. To help your firm on IFRS17 compliance, Legerity hosts a monthly LinkedIn live session to answer any questions your firm might have. 

In this episode Legerity answers: 

  • How does Legerity handle implementations for insurers who do not have internal actuaries or actuarial models and rely on external experts/ advisory? 
  • We have a multi-entity organisation with each entity adopting slightly different accounting principles from group accounting policy? What do we need to handle this? 
  • One of our stumbling blocks is the interpretation of the IFRS17 standard across our advisory partners, data and systems team and our group accounting policy. Any advise regarding this issue? 
  • How do you calculate the CSM? 
  • How do you calculate the risk adjustments?