Join our Campfire Carbon Special with Dan Morrell and Guests on May 27th at 5pm BST

We are thrilled to be hosting Dan Morrell, the man who invented the phrase ‘Carbon Neutral’ as he shares his story with three special guests, all leading figures in the environmental movement:

  • Craig Sams: Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Carbon Gold Ltd, founder of Green & Black’s Chocolate and former Chairman of the Soil Association
  • James Cameron: Senior Advisor to Pollination Global, SYSTEMIQ, Tulchan, AVAIO Capital and Carbon Cap, and former Chairman of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
  • Jessica Rasmussen: Co-Founder and CEO of Two Magnolias Ltd

Dan Morrell has spent a lifetime in creative invention. He started out in 1980, aged 17, importing Space Invaders arcade consoles into the UK before creating businesses pairing bands and artists with advertisers and their clients.

From the late 1980’s climate change was emerging as a major social issue and CO2 was seen as the primary culprit. Dan sought to deploy tree planting as a means to offset emissions. With the first tree planted in 1988 he went on to form The Reforestation Britain Campaign and then Future Forests in 1992 as a venture allowing businesses to show their green credentials.

Since then, his actions have led to the planting of millions of trees recruiting the support of A-list musicians, actors, and businesses. Most recently Dan has launched Chant – a social media platform showcasing creatives’ work, goals and interests.

Join us to hear from the man himself and his outstanding guests – all helping to change the world – making it a better place for all. 

Campfire is live, online and free.