Thursday, October 3rd 2019 - 10am UK / 11am Europe

The insurance industry is facing a sea change across the firm’s workflow. IFRS 17 demands close collaboration and an integrated approach between Actuarial and Finance functions.

Actuaries will need to support and understand the transaction-based finance world and Finance teams will need to interact with Actuarial modelling output to validate results.

Join Legerity and a panel of experts, as we discuss how regulation and digital transformation are changing the finance and actuarial functions within insurance firms.

The Agenda will cover:
  • The future of finance in a digital world
  • How a digitally enabled finance back-end supports actuarial
  • The changing role of the actuary
    • Modelling with Big Data, AI and Robotics
  • Should IFRS 17 be approached from a finance perspective or an actuarial systems perspective?
  • How technology supports collaboration between finance and actuarial
On the Panel:

Jeremy Wood – CEO and Founder, Legerity

Mark Miller – Global IFRS Lead, Legerity

Valerie du Preez – Managing Director, Dupro Advisory and

Mike Wilson – CEO and Founder, ditto and RegTech Forum (Chairman)


Date: 10am UK / 11am Europe on 3rd October 2019
Duration: 45 minutes
Attendees: Finance, Actuarial, Risk, IT

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