Key players in Latin American markets are using Genesis Low-Code technology to leapfrog to the next stage of global maturity.

“Genesis technology has helped make it possible to give Latin American clients access to global investment opportunities in larger and more mature capital markets.”

Caio Azevedo, Head of XP US

The LATAM Special was long overdue in the Low-Code Expo series given that Genesis has long been active in the region and has deep roots in Brazilian capital markets.

Digitalization has transformed LATAM capital markets, and the speakers at our Expo have been — and still are — active participants in that change. Lourenço Tigre, special adviser to the CEO of the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES), helps us understand the background to the broadening and growing democratization of capital markets in Latin America.

One of the key players in those markets is wealth manager XP which has grown Exponentially over the past few years. Our speakers, Rodolfo Bastos, head of XP wealth management, and Caio Azevedo, head of XP US, emphasize that while this growth seemed to have come out of the blue it was in reality the result of many years of painstaking preparation — and smart investment in technology. Latin America is going through a challenging period and one of the roles of BNDES is to support Brazilian business, and especially

SMEs, to re-build momentum post-Covid. Capital markets are the lifeblood of modern business and wealth creation, and LATAM capital markets will need to continue to expand and internationalize to best serve their economies and people. Genesis is proud of the role it has played in the broadening of LATAM capital markets, and we will continue to leverage our Low-code technologies to do that.