On the back of their 2-day festival this past June, Genesis unveiled their knowledge hub, a 1-stop shop for Financial Markets Low-Code / No-Code tools and resources.

Genesis’ next-gen Low / No-Code Platform for Financial Markets provides a new approach to IT development, offering speed to innovation that has helped define today’s winners in financial services. Trusted by leading financial markets firms like Citi, B3, ING and London Clearing House, the Genesis platform and Low-Code / No-Code technology solve a wide range of simple and complex financial markets use cases. 

With fines, rising costs, risks and a legacy technology stack, financial markets firms will need to move beyond the ‘build vs buy’ paradigm that has dominated IT development. As such, Genesis has launched the Knowledge Hub, their library of Low-Code / No-Code videos, use cases, demos and more. Whether you’re new to this technology or an experienced user, there is something for everyone. 

Learn why Accel, GV, Salesforce Ventures and more have invested in Low-Code / No-Code to transform IT development. Hear how Citi and Bank of America collaborated to create a Low-Code Multi-dealer Platform for the CLO market. Discover how Low-Code / No-Code technology is shortening the IT skills gap, redefining what the IT team of the future will look like. Enjoy all this and more, in the Knowledge Hub.