At ditto we work with a range of FinTechs, from firms in the Insurance and Derivatives markets such as Legerity and AcadiaSoft to data metrics firms such as Statful.


Across our wide range of individual clients we often come across marketing challenges, but these can be overcome with a creative strategy. Below are some of the key trends that we are seeing when marketing FinTechs:

  • Establishing trust and credibility – often difficult when launching a start-up brand or new product
  • Educate the market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible
  • Get people talking about the FinTech brand – from the unknown to the talked about
  • Build a ‘funnel’ of customer acquisition that generates sales and revenue growth


Starting with the name 

The best branding strategy for a FinTech will be largely determined by the nature of the problem it solves, and the demographics of the target market. There is no one rule fits all. However the brand development process for tech start-ups should start at the start – with a name.

There are a few things to consider when thinking about naming conventions:

  • Hero vs Functional 
  • A short single word – for memorability
  • Unique spelling or syntax – to stand out in search engines
  • Descriptive, or evocative, of the service – to signal the value proposition
  • A name that can function as both a noun and a verb – that can easily be embedded into the tone of voice and brand language  

Getting an audience hooked 

A digital strategy should be evident in the FinTechs business plan and product design. 

  • What problem(s) are you solving
  • Who has the problem
  • When do they have a problem
  • Why is your FinTech the solution they need
  • How does your FinTech solve the problem and add value
  • What are the barriers for adoption 


Engaging a digital marketing agency for help with customer profiling, buyer personas, and market segmentation in the early stages before launch will clarify messaging and save on advertising spend.


To find out more about FinTech Marketing contact Bryan Silva.