We are thrilled to announce the launch of new-name client Rhisco’s refreshed branding, messaging, collateral and digital channel, which went live on 9th August 2018.

Rhisco are seasoned experts in providing risk management and capital services and solutions to Banks and Insurers. Rhisco have a unique perspective – combining Latin America and Europe, and although they are originally based in Mexico City, Rhisco have continued to broaden their outreach into Sao Paolo and London as a result of the technical innovation they offer their clients. Rhisco’s left-brain creativity and right-brain discipline is a significant differentiator – reflecting this in the refreshed messaging and collateral was key.

ditto worked collaboratively with Rhisco across scheduled digital meetings that spanned the Atlantic Ocean – ensuring that we delivered on time, on budget and on specification despite meeting in person only once during the entire project. The efficiency and strong levels of communication enabled ditto to unify all elements of the project to a central theme: the passion and precision to comply and compete. This was executed through several key aspects – targeted messaging, a stunning 90-second corporate animation, solution and service-level factsheets, and a complete website redesign.

The project was particularly focussed around developing messaging and collateral for TEGRA® – Rhisco’s new technology solution for Risk and Capital management, that combines the latest in leading-edge innovations with Rhisco’s unrivalled experience and expertise across the Financial Services and Insurance markets. Deployed via a seamless SaaS integration model, TEGRA® is the latest step forward in Rhisco’s commitment to enabling clients to Comply and Compete with today’s ever-changing regulatory and business environments.

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