ditto is delighted to have been re-engaged by AcadiaSoft to provide full-service marketing support for the rest of 2018, based on the success of a similar engagement that spanned from April to July.

AcadiaSoft – the industry’s leading provider of automated Collateral & Margin management technology solutions – have tasked ditto with the design and development of an Uncleared Margin Rules microsite to be housed within their existing channel. Providing targeting messaging, thought leadership and their Advisory Services offering for firms facing the incoming UMR phase 4 & 5 regulations.

ditto will be lending additional support across a string of campaigns from September, including several Webinar events, and the upcoming Collateral2020 conference in Toronto – building on the success of the London Collateral2020 event ditto helped to produce in UBS’ Broadgate Circle headquarters.

Click here for more examples of ditto’s Event production, Thought Leadership and Digital Development work.