At the start of June ditto visited the brilliant Fora Fitzrovia to attend a jam-packed breakfast discussion surrounding an extremely hot topic – Who is winning the global AI race?

The discussion was hosted by Tortoise Media who are on a mission to build a different type of newsroom, for more considered, wiser news.

The room was full of debate from juniors, senior professionals and industry experts, looking to gain invaluable insight, with an audience and thought leaders including:

– Niklas Zennstrom, Founder of Skype, Atomico
– Mike Lynch, Founder, Invoke Capital
– Chris Wigley, COO, Quantum Black
– Nigel Toon, CEO, Graphcore
– Roger Taylor, Chair, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

We were delving deeper into one of the great geo-political battles of the 21st century – the dominance in Artificial Intelligence!
The talk explored how the race for AI supremacy is so much more than a conflict between the US and China, but spans all aspects of worldwide society, asking questions of consumers and citizens, business and industries, and nations and states.

Artificial Intelligence provides methods to solve problems we couldn’t 10 years ago – problems that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. The discussion revealed just how complex this topic was with the questions of ethics, addressing whether humans are ready psychologically to let machines have more control, education into AI and Machine Learning, and the role of governance within this global race.

Technology has seen unprecedented advances in the last 10 years, but will one single nation, business or consumer ever be the sole winner in this competitive AI world, or should we all be working with machines to for an overall global society?

“In the 1700’s machines saved our muscle power and bought about a revolution, now, AI is building machines to enhance our minds – a new revolution”