Connecting with your audience directly has become easier than ever thanks to advances in technology. However, there are benefits to reaching out to the market in a less direct manner.

Banner designs and display adverts placed within digital and print trade publications enable firms to tell their story in a less ‘pushy’ way. Similarly, advertorial designs combine grabbing visuals with increased space for the messaging, improving our ability to lay out the clients’ value proposition in a measured and compelling way.

ditto’s recent work with BATS Chi-X Europe, the largest pan-European equities exchange, has been focused on developing several international awareness campaigns incorporating these techniques. ditto’s strategy called for several ‘drops’ over the course of the year, consisting of varied messaging within a similar template to ensure the correct mix of consistency and freshness across the developed assets and messaging.

By leveraging contacts across the trade press and industry publications, ditto was able to ensure that these assets were activated on the most relevant channels, maximising the reach of the work and the impact of the campaign.