I was sitting in one of my local pubs just before Christmas when the rather fetching wallpaper caught my eye. I’m no graphic designer, nor am I an enthusiast for textures, textiles and colour testers. I am, however, a (reasonably) recent English graduate, and as such I couldn’t help but notice the design on the walls: Penguin Classics paperback covers.

The design was a repeating pattern of 24 titles, penned by some of the universally acknowledged giants of the written word: Dickens, Twain, Tolstoy and Steinbeck to name just a few. However, what started out as a warm fuzzy feeling, built around the feeling that here was a pub I could call my own, soon turned sour. Of the 24 books, I realised that I had only read 3. So much for a degree in English resulting in a solid foundation in the classics!

So in honour of the season, I’ve decided to rectify this glaring omission and get back into reading. There’s been a definite decline in the time I’ve spent with a book in my hands since I graduated, but I suppose that that’s only to be expected. When you’re a student, reading is your job. However, it becomes much harder to find the time or the desire when you find more lucrative employment.

In honour of the season, when new determinations and resolutions are the order of the day, I intend to get through at least a book a month. This might sound like a rather low target, but like many Londoners I’m restricted to a few pages each morning and evening on the tube, as well as whatever time I can grab over the weekends.

As resolutions go it’s not exactly ground-breaking, but the old classics become classics for a reason. In the weeks following the 1st of January you’re always likely to see an increase in the numbers of folks running to work, turning down that slice of cake, and bringing their book onto the tube. In 2014 I’ll be one of them – wish me luck!