Have you ever been so annoyed and angry at your headphones getting tangled together that you just want to tear them apart and throw them as far away as possible? Well a company called Bragi have just the solution for you.

The Dash by Bragi manages to cram an mp3 player, fitness tracker and bluetooth headset into a pair of wireless, smart, in-ear headphones. These impressive pieces come with 4GB of storage and a touch-sensitive surface, meaning you can access your music without having to faff around carting a phone or other device about in your pocket like some sort of dinosaur!


The Dash earphones also boast an ear bone microphone for making calls and a transparent audio feature for when you need to hear what’s going on around you. It’s also a fitness monitor capable of tracking your heart rate, oxygen saturation, pace, steps, cadence and distance while you’re exercising. It provides real-time feedback on your performance – and it doesn’t need to be hooked up to your phone to do so. Suffice to say, they’re a pretty sophisticated piece of kit.


Bragi haven’t yet indicated when The Dash will be hitting the shelves but they are expected to retail at around $300. Early birds will have the chance to snap up a set for $200, so make sure you look out for them and grab the bargain!

Nothing is ever truly perfect and The Dash is no exception – it does come with a few minor problems. It is only water resistant to 1 meter, so anything other than a bit of drizzle is probably going to cause hassle. Also, somewhat predictably given how much they’ve packed into such a small device, the battery run-time for audio playback or fitness monitoring is only around 3 hours. Basically, if you’re heading off to explore the depths of the ocean or run a marathon then it might not fit your every need, but for the rest of us there isn’t really much that The Dash can’t do!