I’ve started to wonder why, in this world of big data, streaming services and all of humanity’s information available at my fingertips, I cannot dive down into the details of my favourite music.

Where is the metadata that tells me where and when a particular track/album was recorded? Come on Spotify and Rdio – you should have this, not just some pasted-together band bio. I want to know who played on the session, what they played, and have links to pics from said session.

Who was the engineer? Who produced the album? Who made the tea? Would it be too much to know who did the cover art?

I found this 6-minute clip of the Stones strolling around LA, stills from which became the sleeve artwork for “Exile on Main Street”. I’m sure there’s more content just like this floating around the web somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding it and making it more accessible.

If you can get extras in 1972 – people need to take note…