In January, ditto is excited to be part of several industry events, both our own and our clients.The first event is Legerity’s ‘IFRS 17 – Defining your Data Strategy’ webinar, taking place on 22nd January. The speakers will be discussing ways of fast tracking the IFRS 17 data management challenge, plus how data can drive significant business and operational improvements. ditto have assisted with the production, content, marketing and execution of the webinar.

On 23rd January, ditto is hosting the next ‘Spotlight On…’ webinar – ‘A New Breed of Personal and Career Development’ which will be focusing on how to strike the perfect work/life balance. We have curated a panel of speakers who are experts within this field and can share their key insight on a topic that resonates with people across the world.

Towards the end of the month, two more of our clients, AcadiaSoft and Invenica, are hosting their own events. On 30th January, AcadiaSoft are holding a webinar on ‘Cost effective solutions to the challenge of ISDA SIMM™ Backtesting & Benchmarking’. The webinar will have experts from AcadiaSoft, ISDA, Nordea and Quaternion discussing the benefits and implications of outsourcing.

The following day, Invenica, alongside panellists from Chorum, FinTech Strategies, Quant and Blockchain Rookies will be sharing their expertise on ‘Blockchain for the Enterpriseat their industry panel and breakfast meeting on 31st January.

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