ditto worked with long-term client Traiana both before, during and after their recent US Securities Briefing in New York to support the physical event with an effective digital campaign.

The evening saw Traiana facilitating much-needed insight at a time of significant change to the market landscape. Given the SEC’s recent approval of new competitors in the matching /settlement space, as well as the upcoming shift to T+2 settlement cycles, the evening’s panel discussion was a chance to share perspectives, listen to a panel of industry experts (with speakers from BlackRock, Citi, Deutsche Bank and Liquidnet), and was followed by the chance to network with peers over a cocktail.

Our structured email strategy ensured a steady drumbeat leading up to the event. To further maximise the event’s value, the panel’s perspectives and comments from the night were developed into an event overview document, complemented by one-on-one interviews ditto conducted with each speaker ahead of the event. This great content was published as the latest MarketView 360 – Traiana’s thought leadership umbrella brand.

Click here to download the MarketView 360.

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