Downloadable pdf assets that can be consumed on a tablet during the commute carry much greater resonance than hard-copy booklets, and ditto continues to operate at the leading edge of this trend as digital becomes the new standard.

We developed Traiana’s strikingly-designed CFD Equity Swaps brochure in response to this shift away from print-specific sales collateral. Produced specifically for FPL EMEA trading conference held in London during March, the brochure combined engaging messaging with a striking and pleasing design to provide an overview of Traiana’s market-leading offering for the Equity Swaps space.

This top-level perspective was combined with a granular level of detail on the value propostion for the Buyside, Swap Counterparties and Executing Brokers, as well as compliance issues stemming from the recently introduced EMIR regulations.

Click here to view the brochure as a digital asset.