On Tuesday 11th June, ditto CEO & Founder Mike Wilson, will be hosting a webinar for Statful – a platform for the next generation of data aggregation and visualisation.

The webinar ‘Telemetry 101: It’s more than 1’s and 0’s‘ will address digital companies becoming more reliant on in-depth knowledge of the health and performance of their applications. Accelerated release cycles mean DevOps teams are required to track thousands of metrics over large, distributed systems and the discussion recognises that one size does not fit all.

Join Statful and a global panel of experts who will share industry insight as they explore telemetry, the key to getting insightful metrics and using telemetry information to guide problem-solving:

Hugo Valente, Tech Product Owner, Statful
Guilherme Almeida, CTO, HOLD
Lars Temme, Director of Engineering, TVG
Mike Wilson – CEO, ditto & RegTech Markets (Moderator)

Register here to join us on the day to cover key points on how DevOps teams can benefit from powerful telemetry systems, the overall importance of telemetry and the barriers to its adoption.