Building on a long-term relationship with leading transformation consultancy TORI Global, our latest animation is particularly special. We used technology and techniques straight out of Hollywood, and we think it’s a B2B Marketing first.

Conceived as a short, high-level introduction to TORI, we storyboarded by hand then created a 3D environment in MAYA – an animation and visual effects platform typically used in Hollywood on films including Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Up and Frozen.

All the graphical assets were produced in Illustrator, separated in Photoshop, and then ‘skinned’ the environment using our graphics and textures in another VFX platform called After Effects. We recorded our script as a voice over, set it to a classical sound bed, then edited each chapter to fit perfectly in Final Cut Pro – our editing platform of choice. To complement the visuals we created a final mix in Logic Pro.

Click here to see the animation live on the TORI Global website.

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