Long-term client TORI Global have just gone live with a ditto-developed refreshed homepage design, which you can see by visiting toriglobal.com.

The updated design now reflects TORI Global’s mature and proven reputation within the industries it works across – while working within the website’s existing physical parameters and layout.

The sophisticated MAYA animation we developed takes pride of place at the top of the page, providing a 90-second introduction to the company. Additionally, the messaging focus has moved away from explaining the five practices of Run, Change, Design, Control and Managed Services – instead talking with confidence about TORI’s Mission, Values, People and Clients.

In keeping with TORI’s complete domain expertise and unrivalled team of experienced practitioners, thought leadership has been given central position in the new design – making it easy for visitors to access content such as their Perspectives magazine and real-world case studies.

Click here to view the new design, and click here to learn more about other Channels developed by ditto.