I’ve never liked the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Of course I understand that many people do. I even think that Flea is a rather decent bassist, although clearly he’s not up to Nick Oliveri’s level… However, when their most recent televised appearance – Super Bowl 48 – rolled by, it provoked a resounding ‘meh’ from the ditto staff. Our Head of Design had to take Monday off, but in his defense he had an American guest staying with him who had to watch the spectacle.

I learned to my delight over the twittersphere that Bruno Mars and his band played the half time show to a pre-recorded track, as did the Chili Peppers. Mars’ and Anthony Keidis’ vocals were live – the instrumentals were not. My 3-year old daughter thought that Bruno Mars was way cooler, settling the court of public opinion. Take that RHCP.

My point is, everyone knows that huge global events need a ‘no live’ policy to secure sponsors – but aren’t we missing the point? The result of the sporting game (we hope) isn’t pre-determined. I’m sure that America wouldn’t have been in uproar over the possibility of a band fluffing a riff. To be honest, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been playing together for over 30 years – they shouldn’t miss a beat.

We should also consider the flaccid old rockers who agreed to this. At one point (I assume) they had the belly of the beast and would have told the NFL to fuck right off. Paydays must be tempting at a certain age, but I still think they should have thought it through properly. I’m with my daughter on this one – Bruno Mars won the cool cat cream at Super Bowl 48.

Perfect might suit the organisers, but in my opinion perfect doesn’t give, and we need to let them know in terms of engagement and social media measurements. Folks like seeing acts perform live. They should have let live rule proceedings and bathed in the results. Just saying.