Dinos Chapman’s latest exhibition, ‘Come and See’. The exhibition showcases the full range of their artistic output, which includes painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, film, music and literature.

The Chapman brothers have been around since the early 90s and have always approached controversial subjects with a good helping of dark humour. They first gained attention for their piece ‘Disasters of War’, a three-dimensional recreation of Goya’s series of etchings of the same name. They reconstructed Goya’s scenes using miniature plastic figurines that they carefully reshaped and painted by hand.

The exhibition included many similar pieces depicting huge battle scenes, with the odd Ronald McDonald and dinosaur thrown in for good measure. I found these pieces interesting, as they showed a lot of skill in their execution. There was a broad range of other paintings, sculptures and videos but I didn’t really feel that they were as powerful.

As I walked around the gallery, it seemed to me that they were attempting to create a kind of nightmarish space, and I think they succeeded. However, I still didn’t think that the overall effect was that impressive. Some pieces (in my opinion) were rubbish and made me think that the Chapman brothers might be dining out on their earlier successes.

That being said, the gallery was very busy so the work obviously draws a crowd. The exhibition wasn’t really for me, but it may well be right up your alley. ‘Come and See’ runs until this Sunday (9th February) and entrance is free, so if you have a strong stomach and like your art surreal then go take a look!