ditto is ... bringing great ideas to life

It's been a tremendous year for us at ditto and our clients. We put together a showreel here of the highlights so far – 'Where great ideas come to life.'Read more

ditto is ... delighted at the launch of kx.com

Congratulations to Kx on the launch of their ditto-developed website.

Following Kx being acquired by parent company First Derivatives, ditto was engaged to bring together both companies into one new website, a unified message and supporting collateral. Read more

mporium company logo

ditto is ... helping mporium be seen and be heard

ditto worked with mporium to position their IMPACT offering and bring it to market: articulating the value proposition with relevancy to both brands and agencies, creating a new company-level strapline, and creating two explainer animations with Hollywood-standard techniques.

Read more

ditto is … crafting a community spirit with London Gateway

ditto has just completed a community resource channel for long-term client DP World’s London Gateway Logistics Park Working closely with both DP World and their partners Knight Frank, we've created a website that's jam-packed with the latest local weather, news, travel and entertainment – as well as a Welcome video, Rules & Regs animation and a list of nearby amenities. The channel is a one-stop-shop with everything employees, tenants and visitors need to get the most out of their Park.

The website was optimised to ensure a fantastic mobile experience – so it’s just as helpful whether users are at their desk or travelling around the Park. Updates, the ‘Ahoy!’ noticeboard and a full list of Park occupants help create a sense of community – promoting car-share schemes, helping visitors navigate around the Park, and bringing everyone closer together.


Click here to visit the London Gateway Logistics Park community channel

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ditto is … talking the A-Z of digital with TORI

Congratulations to TORI Global on their recent ditto-developed webinar, ‘The A-Z of the Digital Journey’. The event featured a panel of three expert speakers who discussed the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in addressing real-world business challenges – followed by a live Q&A with attendees.

ditto devised this campaign to mark the launch of ‘Digital. By Design’ – a partnership between TORI Global and Accion Labs that has transformed and refreshed TORI’s Digital offerings.

The event’s insight, complemented by additional Q&A material and the latest edition of TORI’s Perspectives Magazine, was hosted in a powerful and easy-to-use branded player.

This was then sent through to a global audience after the event – enabling TORI to stretch the experience, and continuing the conversation well beyond the live webinar itself.


Click here to view ‘The A-Z of the Digital Age’.

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ditto is … bringing a touch of Hollywood magic to TORI Global

Building on a long-term relationship with leading transformation consultancy TORI Global, our latest animation is particularly special. We used technology and techniques straight out of Hollywood, and we think it’s a B2B Marketing first.

Conceived as a short, high-level introduction to TORI, we storyboarded by hand then created a 3D environment in MAYA – an animation and visual effects platform typically used in Hollywood on films including Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Up and Frozen.

All the graphical assets were produced in Illustrator, separated in Photoshop, and then 'skinned' the environment using our graphics and textures in another VFX platform called After Effects. We recorded our script as a voice over, set it to a classical sound bed, then edited each chapter to fit perfectly in Final Cut Pro - our editing platform of choice. To complement the visuals we created a final mix in Logic Pro.

Click here to see the animation live on the TORI Global website.

Click here to learn more about ditto’s other video offerings and techniques.

ditto is … bringing LMRKTS to market

ditto recently completed a full corporate rebranding engagement for new client LMRKTS, an innovative US-based FinTech firm whose multi lateral and dimension compression promises to transform cross-asset risk management for the world’s leading financial institutions.

We collaborated with LMRKTS’ senior stakeholders to develop a flexible and comprehensive messaging framework, which articulates the sophistication and value proposition of the LMRKTS offering.

The project also involved creating a new company logo and brand identity for the firm. Inspired by the scientific symbol for Equilibrium, this branding informed every asset designed as part of the project, ensuring visual consistency and a professional ‘look-and-feel’.

The messaging and branding was activated across several integrated and richly designed channels, including a corporate website, pitch materials, brochureware and an above-the-line animation.

Click here to visit the LMRKTS website, and click here to learn more about ditto’s rebranding offering.

ditto is… developing campaigns, content and channels for 1E

ditto has been working with 1E on a series of engagements for the last six months. A relationship that began with a series of product-specific campaigns has developed into a full brand refresh, complete with top line messaging frameworks, full channel design and build and a series of webinar-style videos.

1st 1E image

Over the course of the fuller brand refresh, we were able to expand upon the insight developed from these other product-specific engagements, and bake that thinking back into the messaging, brochureware and responsive digital channel that we produced for them.

The site is a purpose-built container for campaigns and outbound/push marketing. Each product page contains an engaging and dynamic banner carousel, tying in to specific campaign creative concepts. This approach is perfect for a company with several strongly-defined offerings and ambitions to continue growing their share of the market.

ditto is… building an international presence for FSL

We’ve just finished a complete brand refresh for new clients FSL, formerly Financial Software Ltd, the financial industry's leading provider of investment tax management products, solutions and services.

As part of the engagement ditto developed a new digital channel, descriptive and sales messaging, brochureware and brand identity, resulting in a joined up and comprehensive suite of go-to-market assets.












All the material developed tied into the engagement’s overarching creative concept, which employed The Arts’ to express FSL’s commitment to creativity, dedication and performance.












To support FSL’s expanding presence across the Gulf Region, ditto also developed a dedicated Arabic channel on a ‘.ae’ URL. The site contained a specially commissioned Arabic translation of the messaging, complete with tailored imagery and a bespoke brochure.

Visit the UK site here: www.financialsoftware.co.uk

Visit the Gulf site here: www.financialsoftware.ae

FSL from ditto.tv on Vimeo.

ditto is … Tickled Pink with the MoPowered brand refresh

When an inbound lead lands on your homepage, you’ve only got 3-5 seconds to make a lasting impression on them.

At ditto, we’ve found that building work around a simple, engaging and relatable creative concept is often the difference between flying wide of the mark and producing work that is an instant hit.

The 'Tickled Pink' creative concept we developed for MoPowered’s recent refresh tied in to their existing brand guidelines and identity, and was built out across the channel, design, messaging and broadcast-quality corporate video we built for them.

See the channel here: mopowered.co.uk 

ditto is… running round and round

We're very proud of our sister channel Playworks.tv, the home of ditto's cultural agenda. You Keep Me Running Round and Round, an original documentary film exploring what life was like for Irish electronic music enthusiasts in the 1970s and 80s, has just won an Award of Merit from IndieFest, and is on several other film festival shortlists around the world.

Click here to listen to ditto-produced radio shows, see previous ditto door exhibitions and to read the reports of past Campfires at Playworks.tv.

ditto is… feeling the music

East London technology start-up ROLI has come out on top in the Designs of the Year 2014 awards. Their entry was a keyboard with soft keys that allow musicians to alter the pitch, volume and timbre of individual notes.

The Seaboard by ROLI replaces the distinctive black and white keys of a typical piano with a continuous surface made from moulded silicone, fixed on top of pressure-sensitive controls.


The raised keys provide a tactile representation of the notes, which can then be manipulated by wiggling or sliding a finger across the surface.

ROLI’s CEO, Roland Lamb, first had the idea for the Seaboard while still a student at London’s Royal College of Arts, on their Design Products course.

The pressure-sensitive surface enables musicians to produce different effects, by combining intuitive movements with tactile feedback that mimics traditional musical instruments.

Sliding a finger over the notes changes the pitch in a way that’s quite similar to playing a string instrument, while changes in pressure alter the volume.

Smooth channels along the top and bottom of the playing surface make it easier to transition between different pitches by sliding from one note to the next.

A touch-operated dial controls the different sound settings, which can be customised by the user and enable the Seaboard to simulate various instruments.

Lamb and his team at ROLI have spent five years refining the Seaboard and are currently supplying orders of the full-sized Limited First Edition keyboard, while preparing the smaller versions called Stage and Studio to be shipped.