It’s no secret that the Chinese regulatory landscape for Capital Markets is highly complex, with shifting regulatory schemes and restricted access to Chinese domestic currency. Using the Genesis Development Platform, ChinaFICC created  a Low-Code solution to solve the cost, risk, regulatory and workflow issues surrounding international investor access to the Chinese financial markets.

“We needed a technological solution that could keep up with the complexity and the unpredictability of the Chinese context”

Peter Best – CEO & Founder, ChinaFICC

ChinaFICC has partnered with Genesis to deliver that level of performance, that degree of agility. Featured at the April Genesis Low-Code Expo, Best’s account of the challenges posed by Chinese markets and his search for the right software development tool was fascinating. And instructive because China is “the last great frontier” of financial markets, according to S&P Global. 

To learn more about Low-Code and the ChinaFICC solutions, watch best of the expo here: