The ditto design team have been creating standout visuals for clients and campaigns throughout 2019. The year hasn’t closed out just yet, but as we look forward to 2020, here are three design trends we are picking up on, as we approach not just a new year, but a new decade!


01. Minimal and eclectic meets colours that pop

“Less is more – but make it bang”
Jess Black, Head of Design at ditto.

Clean, uncluttered visuals are necessary for viewing content on smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. As pop culture pushes for authenticity and transparency, designers will have to get real, too. We’ll see more projects that feature freestyle doodles, bold colors, unique brush strokes, and organic textures.

Check out the design for our upcoming Campfire presents… Big Boost Mondays event, which leans towards a more asymmetrical approach.


02. Open compositions

Say hello to free-flowing product shots. Open compositions make people feel like they’re seeing one beautiful piece of a bigger picture. Elements fly on and off the page with ease and are a great way to showcase the application of a product or screenshot with multiple layers. The power of open composition sparks curiosity and makes the viewer wonder, “I want to dive in and discover more?”

We used this technique when we displayed the website design for our client Dexda as it lends itself well to interactive digital experiences.


03. Make use of data

Speaking of strategy, as more and more brands learn to use available data to make informed decisions, designers will have to keep up. Over 90% of the data in the world has been generated in the past few years. 90%! (Forbes, 2018) Understanding and using that data not to drive design, but inform design is key. Using that data to help craft the story in every design is going to be more essential than ever for designers, regardless of where they are in their career path.

We have recognised the power of data visualisation with client Statful by creating their visual style used across their brand identity from White Paper editorial setting to social media banners.



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Take a spin around Campfire presents… Big Boost Mondays event header to see 2020 design trend No1. come to life.