On the 17th December, we put on a special live edition of Campfire. Exploring the music, art and film of Irish synth duo Silver Moon, we wrapped up 2020 with a unique Christmas party that was very much a ditto family affair.

Our Christmas Special saw Irish synth duo Silver Moon tear up the stage as they made their stunning live debut at Campfire.

Silver Moon, Aidan Casserly (vocals) and Mike Wilson (music), performed three tracks from the album ‘Empty Rooms’ as part of a unique live digital event.

Alongside their incredible live performances, the duo discussed their creative journey, sharing the influences behind their fusion of 80s synths, Scott Walker drama, Ennio Morricone melody and sizzling electro pop.

We were also joined by our Head of Design, Jess Black, to explore the art and design behind the music; and filmmaker Daren Cox as he screened the world premiere of his short film created specially for the song ‘Winter On Earth’.

After a difficult year, it was a great opportunity to turn up the volume, push back the sofa, and share in a creative celebration – ditto style.

Check out Silver Moon’s live session recording of Flames and discover more over on the Campfire show page.