Join us online on Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th June as we make, share and celebrate the game-changing world of Low-Code / No-Code for financial markets.

Learn how industry experts such as Google, ING, Salesforce & Symphony are using Low-Code / No-Code technology to transform IT delivery.

Whether you are new to this technology, an experienced user, or just simply curious, we’ve got you covered with live talks, drop-in demo and tech zones to meet the engineers, and hours of exclusive on-demand content to watch anytime.

Tuesday 29th June

Industry Day

Low-Code / No-Code technology reduces time to market 5x, solving a wide range of complex financial markets use cases – from simple BPM to complex applications. Learn how industry leaders are meeting the insatiable appetite for software and driving digital transformation with Low-Code / No-Code solutions.


Wednesday 30th June

Technology Day

The Genesis Low-Code / No-Code Development Platform empowers firms to radically change the ‘Build’ vs ‘Buy’ paradigm. For Financial Markets firms, agility is the difference between competitive advantage and struggling to keep up. Learn how IT leaders are using Low-Code / No-Code tools and applications to innovate and disrupt.