In the lead up to their festival on June 29th & 30th, Genesis will be previewing some of the demo’s and applications during their monthly Expo showcase.

Join Genesis on May 26th 9am EST / 2pm BST as we unveil some of the tooling, application demos and special guests taking part in our summer festival of low-code, ‘Now You Can’. As the final ‘Download’ monthly showcase before the event, don’t miss the chance to learn how the Genesis low-code platform is transforming financial markets IT delivery.

Industry experts, from Citibank to Symphony, will join the Genesis expo to discussing how low/no-code technology is transforming IT delivery. They’ll explore how genesis is solving key industry challenges, whether its modernizing legacy technology stacks, building new e-platforms, or partnering with other vendors to deliver automation.

Don’t miss a demo of our client portal for prime brokers, a new outsourced dealing desk application and finish with a new bond issuance platform we are building for a top tier investment bank and asset manager.

Register for the upcoming Expo to save your place and get pre-registered for the Now You Can Festival!