Join us on Wednesday September 29th 9am EST / 2pm BST

Learn how Low-Code / No-Code is transforming Middle Office Workflows with New Industry Applications, unlocking speeds to innovation and cutting costs. Digitise previously manual, resource intensive and error-prone tasks using the Genesis Platform.

Join us on Wednesday September 29th 9am EST / 2pm BST to learn how Low-Code / No-Code can help you replace / integrate seamlessly with legacy systems to deliver agile innovation in a fraction of the time and cost.

Learn how Genesis built an agile middle office operation, custom-built to streamline and satisfy both internal and external reporting requirements, in under four months. New Low-Code/No-Code Industry applications applications remove unnecessary workflows, from trade allocation & matching to fee management and client trade confirmation, allowing you to innovate faster.

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Don’t miss live talks, demos and use cases from our Financial Markets experts. Drop-in to the LIVE Breakout Zone after the show to chat with the team and clients behind the platform.

Code Less – Do More.