Airing on alternating months, genesis’ new tech-focused show, ‘The Upload’, is off to a flying start with the recent show on “The Low-Code Advantage”

The counterpart to the business-focused ‘The Download’ show,  Genesis Head of Strategic Accounts and host, Martin Sreba took a deeper look at the genesis LCAP’s web components and the development optimization that is revolutionising the buy vs. build paradigm.

February 2021 ‘Upload’ Recap

Genesis CTO and Co-founder James Harrison kicked off the show with a company update and a recap of the incredible growth over 2020 (tripling revenues across the globe). He also outlined a significant increase in genesis’ investment into R&D in 2021, with the single biggest investment being in “no-code” tooling and improved application development.

Senior Program Manager Aaron Mendez led an exploration of the new genesis FrontEnd Framework, as well as the adoption of Web Components and Design Systems, to understand how these empower your LCAP journey. Aaron explains how web components are the underlying technology behind the genesis Platform User Interface. More importantly, he outlines the real-world benefits of using web components standardisation, portability, and longevity.

Genesis is a Realtime Event-Driven Architecture. Jay Taylerson, VP of Application Development, explored the unique benefits provided by this architecture with an overview of Genesis View definitions and how they help power real-time data distribution to end-users.

Watch each individual section of the show, including a live q&a at the end, or the entire show here:

Genesis will be inviting various colleagues from the engineering team to the following ‘The Upload’ shows, as well their clients who will be able to give you some hand-on experience using the genesis LCAP at ‘The Upload’. Hope to see you there!