B2B Marketing Events to Scale Globally

The Approach:

ditto created a multi-media campaign to give genesis a new way to engage with global customers and existing partners – the ‘Low-Code EXPO’ series. With alternating Business and Technology focused shows streaming across YouTube and LinkedIn each month, culminating in a 2-day festival of Low-Code, the campaign goes far beyond traditional webinars to deliver an immersive virtual experience.

  • With specially created segments: ‘The Download’ with business use cases, ‘The Upload’ demoing existing products and tools, an industry roundtable with technology leaders from across the market and the ‘Now You Can’ festival – all working to provide genesis a platform for new lead target acquisition, and as a method of engaging with prospects, moving them through the sales funnel.
  • Combining live studio-quality demonstrations, client interviews, and animations, the segments showcase how the genesis platform is transforming IT delivery.
  • Activated across live streaming and on-demand viewing, the ‘Low-Code EXPO’ series is designed to leverage audience interaction. Expanding their sales funnel, educating a global audience, the series provides a consistent drumbeat of content and engagement.

The Result:

In a world of webinar fatigue, the ‘Low-Code Expo’ has given genesis a way to cut through the noise with its own TV show – creating an appointment to view as well as longtail content. As well as generating new leads, the ‘Low-Code EXPO’ has helped genesis start customer conversations, engage with key partners, and elevate their brand presence within the financial markets industry.

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    "Projects are always approached with great enthusiasm, care and a focus to deliver on-time and within the agreed budget. The ditto team are always responsive, adaptable, agile and reliable – a real pleasure to work with."

    Felipe Oliveira, COO - Genesis

    The Client:
    Genesis are a global software company who have developed the only Low-Code Application Platform built specifically for the needs of financial markets.

    The Challenge:
    The hot topic of the moment, Low-Code, is the technology transforming financial markets. With so much opportunity on offer, the question was: how could Genesis operate its sales and marketing at scale and with global reach- access markets in the US, South America, Europe and Asia?