In June, Cboe activated a campaign that ditto was engaged to develop, which included new digital collateral and messaging for a targeted and strategic campaign. This was the first creative campaign Cboe had done following the acquisition of Bats in 2017. The key aim was to promote the new brand and articulate the opportunity enabled by the acquisition.

Below is one of the banners created as part of the campaign.

ditto developed a suite of creative concepts tied to Cboe’s ‘Powering Your Potential’ messaging. Creating bespoke filament designs, which were then housed within lightbulb imagery, enabled us to tailor the content to the channel. This approach was then adapted into a complete set of digital banners – both static and HTML5 animations.

Here are some examples of the websites the designs were advertised on.

This image exemplifies the versatility of the creative, and how the campaign is being used across on-line and off-line channels.

Working with a US media-buying agency, these designs were then activated into a multi-channel campaign which included social media, the Cboe website and industry-leading channels including The Financial Times, Bloomberg and Financial News.

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