We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new website for Fixed Income e-trading experts AxeTrading, which went live on May 14th, 2018 following a focused and structured 14-week engagement. 

The project was designed to deliver several improvements to AxeTrading’s market-facing material:

  • delivery of relevant, targeted messaging for specific audiences – Sell-side institutions, Buy-side firms, and Agency Brokers – through a complete range of rich media including 3D & 2D animation, factsheets and infographics
  • the control and flexibility to make frequent updates and keep the channel dynamic
  • with lead generation call to actions across the site, including social media links, registrations, ‘Book a Demo’ and the ability to download take-away material



Messaging specific to the buy-side, sell-side and agency broker personas was housed in dedicated ‘micro-carousels’, complete with individual URLs that enable Sales teams to send prospects to the content most applicable to them. Colour-coding each persona also improve the customer journey by making it easily accessible to find what you are looking for.

Click here to view the new AxeTrading website.

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